Friday, May 1, 2009

I Luv It!

After 2 months of thinking if I should have a haircut done finally i've decided to have it this day!

After searching for salons where I could have it done I've decided to stick where I had my last haircut(which is last December pa ),where else but BENCH FIX Greenbelt branch..

Grabeh i super love it kasi I told my stylist "JUN" that I want to have Eva Longoria's cut..I like kasi Eva's hair eversince and yun ang gusto ko na cut.I voila!In just 30 minutes of cutting and saying goodbye to my old hair, I achieved it..hehe..

I paid 350 for the haircut which is not bad for what they have done naman..Parang ayaw ko tuloy maligo..hehe.


saul krisna said...

hahahahaha wow.... lagay ka naman ng picture mo with your new look.... cute.... wow una akong nag commento dito ahhhh...

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