Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shout outs!

Sorry guys,medyo bc lang talaga this days...sobrang stress pa!hai..

I have a problem pa.Blocked na yung Shout outs ko kaya I was'nt able to see who leave messages for me..huhuhu...Nasa office kasi ako eh!hehehe...Give naman kayo ng suggestions guys if what should I replace for my shout outs...Your suggestions are highly appreciated...

Please leave your comments here!



foo said...

xeina, try mo yung or

pag di pa rin gumana yang mga yan, leave it as it is.

baka na classify yung shoutmix as malicious site kaya na blocked. or maybe, nag bo broadcast siya ng data packets na sobrang dami kaya yun, na trigger yung banning ng site.

in my part, ur shoutbox is showing fine

xeina said...

tnx foo!

ayaw din eh..blocked..hehehe..i know sa iba ok yung shoutbox ko..most of time kasi nasa office ako nd this is the only time i can check my blog...hehehe...

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