Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Sisig Experience

Lunch time.I was wondering kung anong masarap kainin.Parang may gusto kasi akong kainin and kelangan makain ko siya..Hmmm..alam ko na I want to eat sisig!Pero isang place lang ang alam ko and gustong-gusto ko ang timpla.

It was first introduced to me by my friend.I told her na I want to eat sisig.So hinatak niya ako and went to SM Makati.And presto!andun ang SISIG HOORAY!I was amazed how they make those sisig.Minsan maririnig moh pa nga yung pagchop nila.Infairness my rhythm pa ha!And when its my turn to taste.WOW..hahaha exag pero sarap talaga eh..Hmm..Pano nga ba gawin ang sisig?and my secret recipe kaya sila?So I googled it and guess what?I can't found their secret recipe..So I check na lang other recipe for sisig.


2 kg pork head skin (caperosa*)

2 tbsp. cooking oil

2 tbsp. chopped garlic

½ cup chopped onions

¼ cup chopped red chili

¼ cup grilled & chopped pork liver cubed

½ tsp fish sauce1 cup vinegar1 tbsp. soy sauce

½ pc. beef bouillon cube

1tsp. black pepper ground

2 cups soup broth

Deep-fried pork rind (Chicharon) bits, for topping

Calamansi/Caribbean Lemon slices to garnish

Mayonnaise as siding

*Caperosa is the term used to denote the skin around the head of a pig.

Grill pork head skin to singe off hair. When the hair has been burned off, boil the skin until tender, then slice into small cubes.

In a saucepan, heat cooking oil; then sauté the garlic, onions, and chili. Add the meat & pork liver, and let simmer until golden brown. Make a mixture of fish sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, bouillon & black pepper, then pour the broth into the cooking meat and let it simmer for ten minutes. To finish cooking the dish, pour it on a hot sizzling plate, and top with chicharon/pork rind bits.

To add a bit of tartness to the taste, squeeze a piece of calamansi or lemon on the dish.

Sisig can be served on its own (it’s known as a pulutan/beer match), or it can be served with rice. Some restaurants serve their Sisig on a sizzling plate, and they break an egg onto it and allow it to cook right on the sisig. Others serve it with mayo on the side, because it enhances the flavor of the Sisig.

Additional Ingredients:
1 cup chopped pork liver

1 cup mayonnaise

½ cup chopped (non-spicy) green chili pepper

Black pepper to taste

Optional: Deep-fried garlic chips

Cook Sisig as mentioned in the previous recipe; however, in a separate saucepan, boil 1 cup of chopped pork liver. Drain the excess water, and mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with the liver. Add a dash of black pepper.

Mix this sauce into the rest of the Sisig. Add ½ cup chopped (non-spicy) green chili pepper to the mix. Top generously with chopped chicharon, and even deep fried garlic chips, if you like.

Ayan gutom na talaga ako..Dinner na lang ako kakainin dito.

Credits to purpleish-for the idea(nagutom kasi ako kya blog ko na lang) the recipe


saul krisna said...

wow sarap naman.... sorry now lang ako dumalaw sa iyo.... may sakit kc ako eh... go and read my post para malaman mo yung sakit ko.... haaaay....miss you

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